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Back from a long few weeks...

Well well well I am still alive. Things have been crazy these past few weeks. We have traveled so much and I am finally done catching up for the most part with Filleo stuff, house work, and just life.
Check this out though. Filleo is holding a 4v4 tournament in conjunction with Pride SC in Columbus. Check out the registration form and I hope everyone can come. All proceeds go to children in need. Here is a message from the Pride SC Director.

Coaches, Players and Parents:

Pride Soccer Club is hosting the second annual Filleo 4v4 Soccer Tournament on July 24th. I have attached the information/registration form. The deadline to register is July 9th. There will be youth, high school and adult divisions. Every registered player will receive a T-shirt and proceeds from T-shirt sales go to Filleo Co., which is a non-profit headed-up by Jed Zayner of the Columbus Crew that helps children in need.

If you want the registration form just email us at and we will shoot you over a registration form.

We are looking forward to a great turnout!


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