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Ahhhhhh I feel like I can breathe a little now. Well, I am typing this the night before we have to leave. We played DC today and beat them 1-0, that is right. No more soccer though for a couple days. It will be nice to get home with my wife and dog. We have had some good memories together these past two weeks and I hope you have enjoyed them.

Oh yeah and yes I did type all the blog posts. I had the guys talk about whatever they wanted and if they needed I would ask them questions to encourage their creative thinking. I would pinpoint certain juicy subjects I know I liked and you all would like. But, if you do not like my grammar and punctuation then...well...then...well fine you will have to deal with it and I will just pout for a second. Haha you guys are great and I have loved spending time with the guys doing this and reading your comments.

The comments about giving Eric hugs and goldfish were quality. Also, the latest about Gino aka "The Pirate" and his ritz cracker earring; thanks guys it has been funny. But, we leave tomorrow morning at 8 am. I will leave you with one last pros and cons list. Sorry, but I am gonna take a couple day break, but may have some special stuff for you while we are in Arizona for two weeks. If you want to chip in with any ideas, comment below. I will take all into account.

Pro 1: We are done.
Con 1: We are done and have to look forward to only 4 days home.

Pro 2: Adam did not snog me in my sleep.
Con 2: I have recently learned to not give Adam cookie dough. Pheeeeewwwwwweeeee it makes him smell.

Pro 3: I realized to never play the odd man out game for taking gear back to the equipment room. I lost 90% of the time, gosh.
Con 3: I was the odd man out 90% of the time to take the gear back. Man I thought they were planning that. (On three we either hold out one finger or two)

Pro 4: I do not have to smell the stench of being around Steve and Adam's unbearable gas, well mostly Steve's.
Con 4: I learned that Adam likes to leave the door open while he goes poop. Well, my bed looks right at the toilet in the bathroom. I also learned that after 7 poops by Adam in one day our apartment smelled like someone gave me a stink palm and all I smelled was booty all day. Wait did someone, no they couldn't have, wait what, crap. Haha no kidding no one did, or maybe....Seriously, smelled like booty all day in our apartment.

Pro 5: I just fit on my bed.
Con 5: Even though I can fit on the bed I feel like I should put superman sheets on my bed and wear jammies, because I feel like a little kid again. Yipppeeee!

Last, but not least
Pro 6: I kicked some butt in Settlers and Sequence these past 2 weeks. Also, learned a lot when I got my butt kicked.
Con 6: Steve tried to get in the shower with me today and my response was "No...No...No...uuummm no". Steve is a very free man. He likes to joke around like that.

Keep in touch, because I will not be too far off. Love one, Love all.

Jed: Do you really watch Spanish Soap Operas?
Gino: I watch soap operas and I watch a lot of movies. They are comedies and suspense films. And I play Playstation 3 and the only game is Pro Evolution. It is a long pre-season.
Jed: Why do you like Spanish soap operas?
Gino: It is like a serious show about soccer players that is not really real. It is not very good, but it is alright. It is good to spend the time watching. I also spend to a lot of time seeing my wife and daughter on the internet so I can see them everyday.

Jed: Why does Guille and Steve call you fat?
Gino: I do not know why, I am not fat. They are fat. You have to ask them first why they are fat. I look great right now. I don't care what people think, I care what my wife think. And the big problem for me and Guille in America is because we have dinner at 6:30 pm and we are so hungry by 11pm. In Argentina we eat at 9pm. In Argentina people wake up at 12 or 1pm, they have breakfast then. Then you spend all day with your family and eat at 9pm. On Sundays I would go to my grandma's house and she would make pasta for 30 people. She is from Italy. But, 6:30 is too early for me, I get hungry at night.

Jed: What do you like to eat at night time?
Gino: Nothing special. Chicken, pasta, or beef, whatever. For me it is perfect to have a nap and have my Mate (herbal tea from Argentina) and then eat at 9pm.
Jed: How long are your naps?
Gino: Two or three hours, depends on how tired I am. I never put alarm. I switch off my phone and I sleep.

Jed: Tell us about Guille?
Gino: He is too old. He listens old music. It is awful music. Guille is a good guy though. Before I came here I hate him. Because my whole family are River Plate fans and we hate him. But now, I like him, he is a good guy. He is very humble. He have some problem: he have to change his music, and his hair, my grandfather wear his hair in 1945. He is a good room mate. He cleans the room and the kitchen.
(Guille immediately turns on his Braveheart anthem)
(Guille starts chantting)
Gino: No put on your awful music, this music puts me to sleep. Show him.
(Guille puts on Bruce Springsteen-If I should fall behind)
hahaha, this is awesome.
Guille: He likes music from Puerto Rico. No think him, only blah blah blah blah. So, I listen to what she (the woman in the song) is talking about. She say if he can wait for her if he die.

Jed: Gino tell us about any sleeping habits Guille has.
Gino: The only problem we have is that it is too cold and he does not want to put the heat on. So, if I get sick it is his fault.
Guille: It is okay, no need heat.
Gino: He does not like play playstation with me.
Guille: I don't like, it is for children, not for me. Gino is a children.

Jed: Tell us about soccer.
Gino: Nothing. We train good. And I cannot wait to start the season. And we see what happen this year. We have a good team and good locker room.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog and I am so glad to stay on this team and with my team mate, they are the best team mates I ever had. And it is a pleasure for me to play with Guillermo Barros Schelotto because he is a legend in Argentina.

Well, sleeping most nights is pretty good except when my feet hang off the bed. Andy Iro has the loudest snore/snort. I can hear it when the door is closed and I am in the living room and I have to yell at him to shut up. The beds are so squeaky that every time one of us moves it wakes the other up. So, Iro has been sleeping in the living room so he and I can get more sleep.

Where to begin with Andy Iro? He spends a lot of time on the computer. I guess we already went over the snoring. We have very deep political and life discussions. I taught Andy how to fish and he caught a 3 ounce baby snapper. Does he smell good? Iro actually smells good though. He is always lathering himself with cocoa butter. I know I smell though. Eating all that cajun food all my life has messed up my digestive system.

Andy: Fully grown salmon.
Jason: A baby snapper.
Andy: A sweet salmon.
Jason: More like a minnow.

Today we caught 6 or 7 large mouth bass. We had a good time (Steve and Doctor J). We were fishing right by the fields where we train. It was awesome because we were watching TFC play in a scrimmage against UCF (college team) and they were losing to them until the final minute. They scored and you would have thought they won the MLS Cup Championship. Steve and I looked at each other and were wondering why they were freaking out about scoring against a college team that they just tied.

Our inter squad scrimmage was good.

Jason: Andy Iro did not mark me on the free kick when I scored off a rebound.
Andy: No, he was not my guy. Come on.
Jason: Alright I concede I was not your man. I did shut you down on the corners though when you were on offense. You could do absolute nothing.
Andy: Hahaha
Jason: You did punch me in the back one time.
Andy: I did? Yeah well get out of my way bro. Haha

Did a regen in the afternoon and then now we are sitting here watching some tv. I will tell you that I cannot wait to get home to my wife and dogs. I actually made Andy Gruenebaum shovel some snow on my driveway because he is staying at our house. Just two more days.

Let me tell you about my dogs. Ace is a character, He really enjoys the snow. Ace is a full blooded black lab. He is kind of a beast. He rolls around the snow. My wife said the snow was so deep that the dogs would disappear into the snow, jump out, and disappear. If we just got Ace to stop eating stuff off the counters he would be the perfect dog. Lola is our other dog and ahe is awesome. She is a pitbull/lab and well probably 10 other dogs mixed in with those. She is adopted. She is a little mutt. She was abused, so she just loves any attention she can get. She is 40 pounds, but thinks she is a lap dog. She just loves to be on some one's lap. Oh yeah and she lovvvves to chase squirrels, deer, and well anything that moves.

I will leave you with my final words now: WHO DAT.

If you want to Support Haiti and try and help the hundreds of thousands in need. Check out my former team mate Seth Stammler's non profit. He plays for the NY Red Bulls right now, but grew up in Gahanna, Ohio and played at Maryland with me. Here is his link

Well, apparently I have been snoring a little bit and waking up Cory.

Cory: It is not snoring. Heavy breathing.

I have never been told once I do something in my sleep. So, it is definitely a first time affair. I actually woke up early and watched the news. For the first few days I start out with orange juice and smores pop tarts. I know it is not the most healthy, but it makes me feel so good. I cooked bacon and eggs on Sunday for the guys and I am pretty sure they enjoyed it. You never know with the guys I am around because they could either be making fun of me or well just making fun of me. Maybe it is my Bruener quotes. More on that later.

Now onto my roomies.

What to say about Cory? Cory is a good friend that I really do not hang out with other than on trips. SO, does that make him a good friend? ahh yeah maybe still cuz he is cool, nice, and a cool dude. I roomed with him a little last year and well he past on a great addiction to me. That is poker. I do not love poker, but it definitely passes the time down here. We only get 11 channels and daytime tv is not the best. Oh yeah and Danny being the nice guy that he is will not teach me to play Settlers of Catan. So, I am stuck playing poker or Call of Duty.

What can I say about Mr. O'rourke? He eats my goldfish.

Danny:I did not eat them I poured them in the trash.
Eric: I asked him why he was eating them and to stop and then he dumped them all in the trash.
Danny: Jed ask me how high my care factor was?
Jed: How high?
Danny: Less than zero about Bruener's things.
Eric: My care factor on his care factor is less than his.

More or less had one goldfish and dumped the rest, thanks Danny. Danny has his momments in being nice to me. More of when he wants something.

Danny: Liar, I gave you ambien yesterday.
Eric: Well, that is true. He is like a big brother to me.

Cory and I have our own wolf pack and we are jackals. Cory you want to be a jackal?

Cory: I do not know what you are talking about. I do not want to be in any wolf pack or jackal pack.

I miss Chad. He is at National Team camp. He was my partner in euchre and now that is gone. He loved my food also. He especially liked the goldfish. So, basically the wolf pack ate all of my goldfish. Not only am I alone in my jackal pack, I have a big brother wolf who is mean to me a lot and my other friend, that is a wolf (Chad), is gone, I may start crying right now.

Soccer has been going well. Last pre-season I was not here in Florida. So, it has been nice to be with the team here, but a lot of running. Which is good for you, but you feel it later.

Right now I am gonna do a response to Chad. I am starting to understand those comments that are stupid that I say. I try and be funny, but it is completely off base. Usually it is just a random comment. So, Adam and Jed have made up a secret word for me. When I say something stupid they say "cow" and I immediately change the subject and say something very general. It works great. It is like therapy for me, but I am not crazy, I promise.

Danny: I love you because of your Bruener comments.

Lastly I will tell you about my beloved dog Franklin. He is an old English Bulldog. My favorite thing about him is when I come home from training and he is just so excited to see me. I love how he just wants to be by my side all the time. Also, I love to hug and hold him even though he is around 60 pounds now. I look forward to getting home on Sunday aand relaxing with my boy Franklin.

Until another time. I am not very funny. Oh and I am probably gonna get trashed on for what I say on this blog by the team mates. So please give me some love.

Today I wake early, because training was 30 minutes before. We played against 12, 13, maybe 14 year olds. The game was so, so, but it was harder than last saturday. The coach told them to play harder and they played with more confidence. (We played the U-17 National Team again today)

Steve: He did the Math and he realized he was more than twice as old as some of the kids he played against.

Sequence game one goes to Steve and Jed.

Gino is my room mate. He watches all the time spanish soap operas. He talk about it and I cannot understand because I never have seen it. Gino is fat, haha.

Robbie: Yeah, the soap operas are about spanish soccer players.
Guille: I don't know why he watches, maybe he get bored with me.
Robbie: What is your favorite show?
Guille: Super power woman's.
Jed, Robbie, and Steve: What is super power woman's?
Guille: It is cartoons for woman's.
Jed, Robbie, and Steve: Whatttttt? (All said with a look of bewilderment)
Robbie: Steve and I only watch Batman and X-men.
Guille: I have a favorite show where I only can see other soccer teams in the MLS. To know the other teams we play.
Steve: That is why he is always on
Jed: What do you spend your time doing then?
Guille: I spend my time reading or checking in the history of the world.
Steve: What is your favorite music to listen to while playing sequence?
Guille: Enya or Braveheart.
Robbie: What is your favorite thing about pre-season?
Guille: Seeing the snow. I prefer to see the snow in Columbus and Robbie Rogers.
Robbie: He comes to our room every night to play sequence.
Steve: We cannot get him outta here.

Sequence game two goes to Robbie and Guille.

Crap Sequence game three goes to Guille and Robbie. 2-1 in games, first team to get to 3 wins. Right now it is 2-1 also in best to 3 games to Steve and Jed.

Steve: What do you miss about your family?
Guille: The kids.
Steve: Why? They are wild and crazy.
Guille: Yeah I know, but I love them.
Robbie: I miss wrestling and fighting with the boys in the house.
Steve: I am going to kick the crap out of Nico this year (Guille's son).

Steve: Tell Jed about what we did last night.
Guille: Last night Gino got afraid, because me and my gang (Steve and Robbie), put the coins on Gino's window and go tack tack tack.
Steve: We went penny tapping on his window, haha.

Sequence game 3 goes to Robbie and Guille. Now we are tied 2-2 in games to 3.

Jed: Guille what is your most embarrassing story?
Robbie: I got one for him. We scared him in Argentina and I never have seen someone so scared. This dude screamed, jumped, and did super ninja kicks.
Guille: I no say nothing, I only jump.
Steve: It was pitch black and he put his kids to sleep and the whole time we talked about how dangerous it was in Argentina for people due to kidnappings. So, during the middle of the night we dressed in black and ran up on Guille at the "right time" after he put the kids to bed, acting like kidnappers. Mean? maybe a little. But, he freaked out, it was so funny.
Guille: No, I thought I get the animals out of the house, because one time I found a cat in my house.
Steve: Yeah right, you thought I was a freakin' beast.
Jed: You didn't think they were kidnappers?
Guille: No, I not too worried about kidnappers even it happens a lot.

Jed: Guille what is your favorite memory in soccer?
Guille: When we got the championship in LA, for MLS.
Jed, Robbie, and Steve: No, we mean ever, come on.
Guille: I cannot choose only one, because there are a lot of games that are very important for me. I do not know the best, but I do know the worst. When I played with the National Team I did not play very well.
Robbie: Why? Were you nervous?
Guille: I don't know. Because when I play so-so. The coach choose another player and they go to the World Cup.

Guille: I am waiting for everyone March 9th. You, da cold, and us.
Robbie: Sooo cheesy dude.

Danny is my room mate, he is my fellow wolf pack member if you do not already know. Hmmm what can I tell you about Danny O'rourke? Oh yeah, Danny and Eddie Gaven smack when they eat, no that is not annoying. He takes ambien to go to sleep sometimes, because he has trouble sleeping. He was flippin' listenin to kings of leon on full blast last night out in the living room while he was asleep. I asked him to turn it down and Danny replied in his ambien induced sleep, "Really, really, really". He does not remember that at all. Thanks Danny. I do not mind the turkey breast for breakfast cuz I actually have stolen some slices from him. He does love him some protein though.

I also live with Cory Elenio here in the apartment and it is pretty much the same as living with him in Columbus. The other room mate is Eric Bruener and well Bruener is Bruener. He has quote on quote "good stories" and he has about 7-8 Bruener comments a day that you will never be letdown by, but you could live without.

Last night's and every night's sleep is the same. The part of me that fits on the bed gets great sleep. Actually, my bed cracked in half the other day and is now being held up by the waste basket from the bathroom. I will blame it on the bed and not that I am the second fattest on the team, thanks "He who must not be named" for dropping me down a spot.

Let's talk soccer ball this morning, ugggghhhhhhhhhh. Nothing against training, but I did enjoy being off very much. By the way, I did put a ball about a hundred yards in the forest during our crossing and finishing, sorry Rusty (equipment manager). I laced this one, some alligators are probably chompin' on it right now. But, I just look forward to our games tomorrow, those are lots of fun. Yay for soccer ball.

Nothin' happened in between lunch and the second practice. I just facebook creeped. What? That's what I do. Do not hate the creeper, hate the game.

Onto tattoos, in which I do not know where Danny got the thought that we are going to get tattoos because I do not know what he is talking about. It must have been one of his ambien days.

Lastly, I did crush Bruener in a very light tennis match we played after dinner. Well, very light for me and not Bruener. Don't worry we just rallied back and forth. There was no real game with sweating, even though I did whip Bruener good.

I watched my first episode of the bachelor tonight, I cannot decide if that dude is fake or not. I think it is messed up that Ali's boss made her come back or lose her job.

Back to soccer. Been good to be playing all the time. I feel good and feel fit. Probably the fittest I have ever felt here in Florida. The only bummer part about team camps is that I have not been home and will not for 6 weeks straight, I miss my dog. But, ya gotta love kickin' soccer balls. I need to figure out ways to wash my only five boxers that I have.

Bruener: That is bull crap, I found my serve like in the fifth set.
Chad: Yeah, yeah I guess you did, but I won still 6-3.

See ya C-bus, it has been emotional.

Did not really sleep much last night. We went out with a few of the guys. Jay and I received simultaneous phone calls at 4 am when we were trying to sleep. That is what happens when both your ladies are on the west coast and they do not understand the time difference, just kidding. So, ended up sleeping until 12 pm today, Sunday.

I room with Jason Garey, let me tell you about him.

Jason: I am trying to teach him how to be a real man with our deep political discussions.
Iro: Haha, I caught my first fish ever with Jay a 35 lb. cod.
Jason: Ha more like 3 ounce cod, got lucky.

He comes off like a beer drinking redneck who fishes, but there is more to him. He is always reading real estate, get rich quick, and political books. I think he wants to run for a seat in Louisiana next election. Oh yeah, and he walks around naked a lot, a lot...Also, he sleeps naked on top of the covers, kind of creeps me out. As we say in England, he is a weirdo.

Came out and laid on the couch and took another little nap. Man, I did notin'. Hangin' out on the computer all day and oh wait, I did one thing productive which was a walk. I put my phone on silent cuz' I did not want to talk to anyone. I kinda wanted some food, but there is nothing around. It was about a 45 minute walk. But, on the way back I stopped at the shop (grocery store) and picked up sometin' healthy, good ole' fried chicken. That is Jay's southern influence.

Then I watched the Super Bowl and it was alright. People definitely get a lot more excited then I do. I know I will get more excited about it when I have a wife and kids. Then my wife will cook some good food and it will be a nice family event. Bugga, on MLS payroll it may be another 15 years till I have a family, but no seriously probably another few years until I get married. Plus, I have to breed the right woman. I mean I spent the whole superbowl waiting to see Kim Kardashian there, because she is dating Reggie Bush ya know. Let down? yessss

Over the off-season I felt more enlightened, almost wiser. I hear Danny is doing the beard thing, but I am growing out the afro. Maybe soon I will come to practice with a pic in my hair and maybe I can get Lenhart to do some corn rolls with me. I have realized during this time in the off-season that you really have to start looking after your body so much more. I know I have been doing a better job at staying on top of little things. Well, minus my fried chicken, but oh man when it hits your lips it tastes so good mmmmm.

First off about my little injury, I think everyone knows when Jed gets tackled how much he screams and yells. Also, Jed goes and slaps a 14 year old in our game against the national team. How is that for a big baby? haha, got ya back Jed.

But, two weeks ago on the turf mi back started hurting and then the beep test kind of aggravated it. At this point it is nothing serious at all, but you gotta give it some TLC (touch love and care). So, I will be back in full practice tomorrow, monday. Thanks for all your support.

I will leave you with this: I would be shocked if we were not playing for the MLS Cup 2010. Heard it right here.

What up you all? I hope all is well with everyone. It has been really funny lately because you, the fans, are creating some real buzz about this blog we have been doing. So, the guys are talking about it at training and we have a sweet line-up for next week on the blog. Today, I already blogged about our soccer game, but we just chilled, slept, and well some guys relaxed in ways I know you can only think of...haha.
But, we will have Duncan, Chad, Iro, Frankie, and Guille just to name a few for next week. On this blog post I will answer some questions that I received on the comment board and also post a highlight video of our, Filleo's, clinic day in New Orleans. It is only 2:30 minutes with some music. Filleo's website is a work in progress as we are putting out a new one soon.

But, hey I love hearing from you guys and if you know me like I think you know me I will take your comments, thoughts, and opinions to heart. Everyone is important and I want you all to feel like you have a voice.

-Justin-Thank you so much for your designs and support to the Crew. Frankie, Lenhart, and the pirate (Gino) have all been very pleased with the designs. They love them and I love them, thank you for your time. We would love to make a deal with you to donate a percentage of the profit to Filleo and maybe even make some Filleo/Crew specific gear. One Love. One Cause. One Team. One Crew.

-eboe-Appreciate the support. Senor Moffat had an amazing time at his wedding, especially with his new brother-in-law (Steve).

-Mike-I love triumph, especially his skit with the Star Wars convention. Oh man hilarious, check it out on youtube, y'all.

-Patrick-Iro is in camp, he just strained his back during the beep test last week. Apparently, since the Celtics player Glen Davis has decided to give up his nickname, Iro wants to take it on now. Ha only kidding, he is working super hard and is looking great. Iro is a good friend of mine. Also, we have not done anything yet to the new guys, but we will when we officially sign them. When we get done with pre-season is when we start the initiations. Right now we just leave it to standing up in front of the whole team after dinner and telling us about yourself, including letting us know if they have any eligible sisters, and making them dance; good times.

-The joke with misspelling Bruener. haha, the funny part is, there is not a joke, but that would be funny if there was. The guys hassle him a pretty good amount. They only do it because they love him so much and he is still a rookie and a youngin', great player for our team by the way.

-A Jam C-What the crud does monetizing a blog mean? Oh wait I found it thanks, will do. And yes we could have a guest Fan blog once and a while. I will definitely think about that and will want to do that probably. Thanks for the Zayner jersey shout out friend...holla that.

-Last, but not least, David-I will plan on doing a contest for a game worn jersey including or not including with my non profit, Filleo. I will have some of the other guys on the team do a contest for their jersey also. I will come up with some as will you guys I hope and put them together before the season starts. I will talk to Duncan, Frankie, and the guys about the rock as a tradition and will try to get it more involved. I am proposing after warm-ups we do some kind of chant together, like Drew Brees does with his team. I will try and come up with something with the other guys. But, about a prayer with y'all. I like it, but we do one with a bunch of the guys inside the tunnel. Let me think more on that, but for right now it probably will not happen.

Peace and love to everyone, see you tomorrow.

We played the U-17's today at 10 am. Oh man, it was a doozy. Ha these kids were actully 15 and well I kinda pushed a kid in the face that was 14 after he cleated me at the top of my calf for no reason. Gettin firey up in here...We won with a comfortable 6-0 or 8-0 something like that.
Lineup for 1st 45 minutes: Zayner, O'rourke, Marshall, Padula
Ekpo, Moffat, Gaven, Rogers
Scheletto, Herrera

Lineup for 2nd 30 minutes: Hejduk (coming back from an injury),Bruener, Marshall (first 15, Oughton came in and Burns switched to center back for last 15 and duncan to midfield), Francis
Burns, Russian dude (sorry do not know how to spell his name), Camille (Polish dude), Elenio
Lenhart, Renteria

Lineup for 3rd 30 minutes: Grendi, Bruener, Burns, Francis(came out at 15 and Elenio came back in, Elenio to right back and Grendi to left back)
Camille, Oughton, Othaniel, DuDu
Dike, Garey

On to Sergio. Honestly we were all very surprised at how well he moved and interchanged. Guille and him looked like they have played many times before. Sergio probably completed 90% of his passes. He and Guille together connected for at least 3 breakaways and at least 2 goals. He is very composed and he knows the perfect time to get open. He is not like a post forward like Lenhart or Moreno, but he is very clever in getting away from defenders so he does not have to post up.

Again we were only playing 15 year olds. I mean these kids were born around 1995. What the crap man, that was the first time I actually felt like I was the old dude. Shoot I am only 25, but still 10 years older than these kids.

We play some good competition this week with TFC and DC, our two favorite teams in the league, haha, any Crew fans want to come down and heckle? We would love to have you guys here.

I will tell you more next game how things go. Again, it was his only second day of training in the past month and he looked like a natural up there with us. So, here is your sigh of relief thus far in knowing what Sergio can do.

I have the distinct honor to live with Bruener, Chad, and Cory Elenio. The young single man apartment, depressing, yes.

Chad and I passed out pretty early last night. It has been more mellow than usual, because it is pretty crazy with us most of the time.
We both just lock ourselves in our room because Bruener just plays "Call of Duty" all the time. Apparently he is saving the world, well that is what he says, nice life Bruen's.

I am an outcast I feel like, because I do not play video games or play poker. I gave up on video games, because I started sniping people in my sleep and could not get on with life, thanks Halo.

On a different note, something interesting that I am doing is that I am growing my beard out for a year straight, keep me to it please. Right now I have the distinct ability to shake my head like a dog and completely wet a team mate with sweat. I know, it is awesome.

Chad and I have talked about getting a tattoo while we are down here. We saw a place, but I think they are trying to recycle and do things better for the environment. We decided it is not good to go to a place that recycles their needles, that is straight shady. Still have not tatted though, will spill the beans when we do.

Chad and I room together. I have always thought I was a one man wolfpack my whole entire life. But, then I met Chad, well Sigi forced us to become friends and my wolfpack grew by one. I was a one man pack, now I have a wolfpack of two. We have a similar sense of humor so we click. Our wolf pack is very strong and I hope for it to grow. (the Hangover)

Now, back to the day at hand, sorry. Breakfast is compiled of Special K, it is cinnamon flavored with pecans in it. I also grill up some turkey breast's and have coffee, always coffee. The turkey breasts are high in protein and I gotta get that protein in. (Tim the tool man Taylor grunt,ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh).

Training this morning, hmmm, honestly we were pretty tired, it is the seventh practice in a row. Personally, I am just excited to be back, because I had a scope in my knee after the season and have been rehabing ever since. So, it is just sweet to play. We played 11 v 11, very uneventful, 0-0. The coaches have been great to notice our sluggishness and have given us tomorrow afternoon and sunday off to recoup. Thanks boys.

During practice though Esteban (Steve) and I got into it. Well, I saw what Steve and Adam got into the other day (Blog post Day 4) and I decided to step it up a notch. Steve and I both are firey guys. To start, he is a big guy who is 3-4 inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier than me. When I mark him I have to be pretty physical. So I bulldozed him once, then he threw me on the ground and I tripped him. Then he gave me this eye gouge. It was seriously a pretty heated one. But, Steve looked at me a minute later and asked if I was okay and I asked him the same and we both gave each other a nice long hug, no kidding, but made up and got on with it. Those things happen, well a good amount with Steve and I. If you want to see a battle royale, come to our trainings. It can happen a fair amount while we play.

After lunch Bruener, Chad, and I went out and did the most masculine thing you could do, yep we went to Petland to look at puppies. I wanted to buy a cockapoo that was white with tan spots, oh man that one went straight to my heart and melted it. Ha, so masculine, but I ain't ashamed to say I love to do that. Say something, go ahead, I eat turkey breast for breakfast, uh huh.

Then I went to Starbucks with Frankie and Duncan and chilled there playing crosswords, talking about some new fitness workouts, and taking about 3 espresso shots; that will wake you up. ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

Then dinner as a team. Now, I am chillin' in Jed's room hanging with Moffat and Esteban. We are blogging it up and then I plan to whoop some booty in "Settler's of Catan".
Still alive...and thankful.
This is Jed, I will tell you more this afternoon about Sergio Herrera. After scrimmaging the U-17 national team.

First of all we did not go to bed until 2 am.
Then, I woke up and the first thing Steve said to me was, "Dude, I had a dream with you and Lapper (assistant coach) playing 22 (card game)"
Robbie:uhh that's weird

But, all in all slept well.

I ate cereal and of course a glass of chocolate milk, then had my vitamins and off to training.
Training was actually good, at the beginning we got some fitness, and I did not think it was too bad. Then we moved onto actually kicking a soccer ball and I hoped to do some scoring, ya know, that's what I do. But, we did this possession game instead.

Steve: I cussed twice and it was at my brother-in-law both times (Adam Moffat)
Robbie: Sorry, I mean, I just wanted to play goal to goal; but you got to trust the coaches with pickin' the drills."

So, lunch was the best part. We had Guille, Emilio, and Gino over for lunch. We cooked chipotle barbecue chicken, brussel sprouts (with garlic and bacon), pizza, and you know what we top things off with in 1617, yep that is right, chocolate milk.
Then we chilled for lunch on the couches, chatting. We were just happy to please these foreigners because these dudes are super picky.

Guille: Caprichoso (spoiled boy)
Robbie: Ha, I know that's what you are, yep you got that right.

I took a little nap on the couch and somehow woke up for our afternoon lift. Which was not too bad. I am just happy soccer day four is done.

Onto dinner with Esteban (Steve's spanish name). Well, Steve and I were the only gringos with those latino dudes. Those dudes were: Emilio, Sergio (our new signed player from Columbia, he is a forward, more about him to come days following), Guille, and Gino. We went to "Stonewood Grill". It was a pretty good meal, great quesadillas, and great convos. Well, if you like to keep to yourself, because spanish was the only language being spoken, haters (I am the only who cannot speak it).

Then we went to Coldstone and Gino was the only one to get ice cream, typical Gino. Esteban tried to order in spanish, which was funny, because the lady at the register could not understand him and she said his spanish is just bad.

Robbie: Steve prides himself in his spanish ways, with how fluent he is and all.
Steve: In reality I was trying to teach you spanish last night. So, do not diss your master.

Now, we are sitting here playing Sequence again for the sixth night in a row and we will probably play till one or two in the morning again for the sixth night in a row. Maybe I will have my luck turn and actually win a game, I have not won for the past 10 games.

Steve: Hey come on, do not be so hard on yourself, it is more like 21, haha...

Oh yeah, Guille trys to play footsy with us while we are beating him in sequence.

Robbie: Why you stealin the chips Guille?
Guille: No, no I steal chips, I am relax.
Robbie: Look at this guys jacket he keeps so much stuff in here, do you have the chips in here Guille?
Steve: Guille why you always lookin at MLSnet?
Robbie: He is trying to see how much we all make.
Guille: What!!!!!

I woke up this morning very excited because this beautiful state is my birthplace.
I kept it simple with a banana.
Robbie Rogers: That's all you ate?
Steve: Yeah, because Bobbie (our coach) told me I was fat yesterday.

I knew it was gonna be a good day because I have God on my side, it is cheesy, but true.

First off, we have the dream team bus, an all-star line-up. It is good when we drive to practice because of the people we have in the bus. First, we have Gino Padula, wait why is he on our bus, no kidding.
Next, we have Guille, and well he bought all of mine and Robbie's meals in Argentina so that qualifies him.
The Eddie Gaven, because he does not say anything or cause trouble, but when he does it is hilarious. Not only does Eddie very kindly slap stuff out of people's hands and laugh hysterically. He also puts one dollar bills on his fishing lure and baits people into grabbing it while he constantly pulls it away like an ever increasing wind, nice one Ed.
Move onto Robbie Rogers, because we have gone through a gallon of chocolate milk a day and it was his idea.
Then Jed Zayner is on the bus, well because he is room mates with everyone else on the bus and we felt bad leaving him out. Still kidding, or am I. No I am, haha.
So, Adam Moffat, hmmm, it is better to have guys that try and break other guys' legs ride on your bus then on another, and shoot we have the rest of the foreigners on our bus so why not.
Emilio and Kenny, last but not least, because they are the only ones on the team who try and speak portuguese to each other. Why? No one knows, Emilio speaks spanish and Kenny English.

Now for the morning practice which was good, we did some solid fitness. Running up and down the field 6 times in 3 minutes with hurdles, ladders, back peddling, and a russian sreamin' at you, is not the funnest. Then played four games lasting six minutes each, 7 on 7. Whooaa, nope we were not tired at all.

Did simple things in the afternoon with our legs being so tired and all.
Moved onto the second practice where we worked on finishing and then after we went and picked up our other half gallon of chocolate milk.

I think the highlight of dinner was not the food or tonight, even though the food was good. I am still relishing in our after dinner "jerk off" from last night. Yes, I did say jerk off. It is a style of dance, come on what were you really thinking, gosh. Myself and another guy on our team jerked it together, again the dance, the actually dance that is called "the jerk", youtube it, there. Anyways it was a blast. I am doing the jerk in a pic below, check it out.

Kay, now I am ending the night with multiple games of sequence with Robbie. The all-time series is at me with 9, Guille with 7, and Robbie, well, he is our obstacle standing strong with one.

Last note and I bid you farewell with this: I am gonna live tomorrow like I lived today, and I am not gonna let anyone take away my fun.

(2/2/10)So, I woke up, opened my eyes, and went to the bathroom and took a pee. I had oatmeal for breakfast and that is the real breakfast of champions. Then we went to play soccer in the morning, let me tell you about soccer ball today.

It rained during practice, it rained a lot during practice, it rained very hard during practice. Wait are we talking about practice, are you guys trying to criticize me about practice. This is practice come on (Allen Iverson for those of you who do not know).
I had lunch, forget what i had for lunch.

But, the joy of today had to have been catching two, not one, but two bass, not small, but large mouth bass. I joy in this because my rod broke a day prior and I used my amazing skillz to jerry rig this pole into a thing of majestical beauty.

Then we had practice, again. The blue team was awesome, yes very awesome. 5 goals were scored on our field and we had 4 of the assists. Now, I know what your thinking, that is a lot of goals, well your thinking wrong, our team only scored one of those goals. Basically, we were adept at providing the other team with gifts on a silver platter...None were because of me (brushing my shoulders off right now).

We had dinner, I had lobster, then we came back and I read. For some reason I also found myself staring at the wall, I have no idea why and I do not have the foggiest idea of what I was thinking.

Then Jed and Adam were making some noise because they were mastering the art of online games.
So, I get up to see what all the racket was and Jed asks me, actually made me, conduct this fame glorious interview/blogolio.

I want to go to sleep now, bye world, and jed stinks at rock, paper, scissors.
Oh yeah and that is the perfect cast right there.

First day (2-1-10) we get here and it is raining and I feel like I have not left Ohio. Although the weather is one thing you usually look forward to in Florida. Being from Scotland we always go into every battle, wink wink, knowing the pros and cons. Here is my battle list for pre-season in Florida:
1)Good weather
1)Running in the heat
2)Lots of card playing, specifically euchre. I win a bunch, Jed thinks he beats me more, but we have a saying for him in Scotland,"He's a daffty"(He is silly).
2)Running, not in the heat, just plain running.
3)Good healthy food at IMG academy.
3)Good healthy food at IMG academy.
4)Not spending any of my own money for two weeks. It's a cheap fort night.
4)Single bed and no wife; I am getting no lovin this trip, crap.
5)Beaches near by, no need to show off the guns anymore, but I do love the sand.
5)Only one visit to the beach in 14 days, all business and no pleasure.
6)There's nae mer pros (I have no more).
6)Get to my new room and there is no pillow case on my pillow, no hand towels, and the tv is the size of my forearm.
7)Jed is sleeping five feet from me. Let me tell you about his sleeping. He not only talks in his sleep, but he snores, grinds his teeth, and his wife is not here which means he ain't gettin' no love either, ohhhh crap he is looking at me right now.

That is my wee bit silly face and that is me doing the Scottish Jig. Gotta love it.

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