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On back to our trip to New Orleans. I hope you all enjoyed the "dagwood", I did. All in all it still tasted great. I kinda want to make a rap out of it. haha. I know, I know save my sick skillz for another time.

After our clinic where I perfected the log roll, Emily got a 28 mph shot from a kid, Jared found a sick vantage point for videos, Jared Montz showed the kids how sweet soccer bowling is, and Katie did an amazing job at registration and clean-up.
We then brought them inside and had them sit down and listen up. Jared montz gave is famous "Believe in it" speech, encouraging the kids to go after their dreams. Then he passed it on to me and I did my famous rap that incorporated a sick b-boy breakdown then transitioning into a windmill on the ground. Ha I wish I did that, maybe next time.

I talked to the kids about how I grew up being the youngest child in a single mom household. How I went to sleep and woke up hungry most days. Also, that trophies and awards have no real importance. What we should desire for people to remember us by: is our kindness, work ethic, generosity, and most importantly love we give to others. I gave a jersey of mine to a player that was not the best, but exemplified those qualities the most.

We then gave out Imazine watches for the kids. They are these sweet and sporty watches that the kids can wear no matter chill or play ( We also were able to bring soccer balls, basketballs, pumps, school supplies, and soccer gear for the kids.

We bought a bunch of the stuff at a Kmart shopping spree the day we got there. Super fun shopping for kids that do not recieve many things that often. We ended with some pictures and we signed some autographs for them. We also asked them to sign posters of ours just in case they become famous one day.

It was an amazing clinic and an even better experience for the Filleo Staff. There is nothing better than giving your energy, efforts, and money to help those less fortunate. We were all made to do this.

But, after all this we ended up going to Drago's to eat. Whoooohooo so good. They have chargrilled oysters that are soooo amazing. I had a shrimp po boy and it was good. But, these oysters were some of the best food I have ever had. A must do if you go down. Then we had a little bedate ( this is how I pronounced it, I know a bedate is a toilet that cleans a yuuhooo). Umm a beignet yes that is it. It is a fried piece of dough. Honestly I dig a funnel cake much more, sorry New Orleans folk.

Check out the video below, and yes I actually let them do this to me, I do not know why. By the way he blew powdered sugar on me, a whole lot of it.


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