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On January 9th at the clinic we had some funny kids. Let me tell you about some of our stories.

Here I am preparing the kids for sharks and minnows and I was trying to get them to learn how to dribble in different ways. I am telling the kids to dribble and do different kinds of cuts and fakes and then I tell them to sit down. Romalis is one of the older kids of the group- the kid with the blue socks and in the front of the first pic...Romalis chimes in as we are sitting down, "I ain't fit for dis." His timing was impeccable as it was completely quiet and the rest of the kids seem to wait on his funny words. The kids and I just busted out laughing!

Next, and the funniest of all the comments. Emily, oh sweet Emily, oh so pure in heart, haha. She had Romalis's group and she said they were being very silly, in her words. Well, at one point she yelled, "Keep your balls to yourself!!" and the kids were rolling on the ground repeating what she said to each other. You could imagine a woman coach saying that to a bunch of 13 year olds who are already off in their own world. Well, even if you are not 13, it still makes me laugh every time. Thanks Emily for your awesome story and all your help!


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