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On to lunch now and a little break. I’m thinking Chipotle, Pei Wei, or maybe Quizno’s. Check that iPhone, and Oh snap! There are none of those in New Orleans. Haters. So, we end up getting the next best thing: KFC/Tacobell. We had some good rest and well some decent food.
We met up with T-roy and he gave us, in his words “I have something sweet for you J, it is a fame glorious job of packing up a library in trailers and moving them to the new school.” After some funny moments at the RSD (Recovery School District) he took us to the High School where the trailers were. We found Miss Celeste packing up her books. We ended up taking the next four hours packing, organizing, taping, and labeling books in boxes. We had Katie color coding everything with the dewy decimal system. Shoot whatever that is, still trying to figure it out.

We were able to finish Celeste’s entire week’s worth of work in four hours. They have been in these trailers for some time now and apparently she is moving from a small 800-900 sq. ft. library to a 4000 sq. ft. library. There are pictures before we helped and pictures after.
I have also put at the bottom Celeste’s email that she sent me on Monday when she came into work and saw what we did.

“Jed...thank you, thank you, thank you so MUCH. I walked into the library this morning, and I couldn't believe how amazing it looked in here. I can't stop smiling! I am so excited right now- because I can actually think clearly enough to get some serious work done now that everything is in order. Setting everything up in the new library is going to be a cinch now. If ya'll ever come back to the city, please come by our new school and visit!
Please thank everyone who was here- I remember all of you, but I'm terrible with names- Jed; your wife, the teacher and graduate student; Jared Montz & Mrs. Montz, (whose mother is a librarian); The radio personality from Radiou...(was his name Jared too?). Please let everyone know how thankful I am for all of the work that was done here last week, and also how much easier my life is going to be because of it...I feel like going out and doing something nice for somebody!”

Filleo and what we are about is more than a shirt and it is more than the services we bring. We are a unified body of people who stand for One Cause and who live for One Love. This email makes us at Filleo so happy, not as much because she is so happy and thankful for what we have done, but because of her last line.

“I feel like going out and doing something nice for somebody!”

If our love is contagious we have done our part. We hope and pray that people will catch onto our love and do something with it.
I replied to her, “Remember to pay it forward, as you already are being a teacher, but all we ask is if you could do something special for someone else.”
We hope you will join us in pursuing a life of love each day towards others.


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