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"Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters."
-John Wooden

This quote struck me very much, not because I am a follower of Jesus so much, but that John Wooden is not necessarily an out spoken believer in Jesus. For a man that probably achieved more of his goals than most of the people out there he says something amazing.

My friend keeps a secret list of people. These people are not his heroes, idols, or even people he looks up to. He keeps a list of men who have achieved great success, but have made huge character mistakes. His list is compiled of preachers, athletes, presidents, etc... Anyone who has accomplished so much, been such a huge role model for so many kids, a leader for so many, and looked up to by just about everyone. But, also that they made a huge error in judgement and destroyed their reputation almost forever. He looks at this list every so often to remind himself what it costs people that make huge character mistakes and how they are remembered. So he does not become one of them.

My coach once said growing up that the best player's in the world are not the one's that do not make mistakes. No, the best player's in the world are the one's that make "good" mistakes. Now, we are all human and WILL make mistakes in our respective sports and lives. Knowing that tidbit of information helped me be the player I am today. But, I like to use what my coach said for life more. Because, as we have seen with Tiger Woods is that no matter what he has done on the golf course he will always be remembered by the countless acts of adultery. Is this forgivable? Oh yes it is very forgivable, but is it forgettable? No, and that is the power of a huge error that so many like Tiger have made. The things these men and women have done are not forgettable. Their errors will live on in their storybooks as a title to their lives.

My friend and I keep a close watch on each other so that we do not come near any sort of "bad" mistake. Now, remember we will make mistakes, but choose not to make that "bad" mistake. Your reputation, your legacy, and all that you are will be written down with a big asterisk for what you have done. If you have already done something then spend the rest of your life making up for it and maybe it will be forgotten by your ongoing good deeds.

As coaches, we have kids, adults, and player's constantly looking to us for advice and leadership. Focus on the training's, the games, and growing those kids. But, focus more on your life, your family, and how you will be remembered and thought of as to the Lord. Because even those things unseen will come to light. Be that man or woman that held true their morals, values, and integrity. There is not much more I would give then to be known for a man that loves Jesus, but also that lived out his words and did not make that list of people that made a "bad" mistake.


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