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Video from New Orleans

So, my boy Jared Montz who helped sponsor a trip to his city asked me to do some training videos for his online soccer academy,

Now, we first did this training video, but after a long day's work of community service with Filleo I was in an extra goofy mood. If you know me at all and I say I am in an extra goofy mood that means it is sooooo goofy. We also did a skillzzzz and tricks video underneath his back porch roof. It was very fun. Props to my boy Jared who was the videographer the whole time, he is sick wit it. Here are the links to the videos on his blog.

I posted the Online Soccer Academy bloopers clip with Jed. Check it out here Bloopers

Also if you haven't seen it yet the Skillz video is here Skillzzzz


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