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Thank You to Everyone

You guys are so great. Thank you to everyone for all the help in posting the auction on message boards and telling others about it. We were able to raise over $1700 for our first annual Filleo auction. Yes, we will do it again next year. But, now that I know how great it can be to raise funds for children in need I am already getting some amazing things for the auction. Some things I am almost sure I can get:

-Schelotto signed jersey
-Jim Tressel signed football
-Other OSU player signatures on an OSU jersey
-other notable MLS player's jersey's and signatures

Those are just a few and I know there will be many more. This August we are doing a "Filleo Project" in Columbus and I so look forward to being able to use these funds on some great kids. Know that if you contributed in anyway with money or time that your efforts are helping to create not only a culture of giving but cultivating a better life for at least one child. Filleo has a board meeting coming up and after that I will be able to reveal many other things we are planning for anyone interested.

Right now I am resting and preparing for our game against Seattle. It is a little chilly with it being 50 degrees, but it will feel great when we are playing. I hope we have at least a few of you out there supporting us tonight even though it will be pretty late. It is good to be back with the team hanging out, catching up with good friends, and most importantly playing Settler's of Catan. Adam and I are doing pretty well online. Seattle is a great city that is yuppy, european esque, and pretty "Green" oriented. Better city than Columbus? No, come on...haha...

Well, off to rest a little bit and then to the game. Cheer us on.


It was great to see you get a couple of minutes on the pitch on Saturday. You're welcome back anytime, just bring a different ref with you next time- Thanks!

May 3, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

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