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Hmmmm what would we do if...?

So, I talked to a few guys and asked them, "If anything ever happened to our league or you were retiring what would you want to do?" I asked them to give me one serious and one joke or funny one that they may want to do. You can let me know which one's you think are a joke or for real.

Adam Moffat
-Play bagpipes at weddings and funerals (wish I could).
-I have no idea, probably coaching.

Jed Zayner
-Dancer, no not exotic, even though I think I have some good moves for that career choice, but professional breakdancer. I will let Emilio do the more exotic stuff.
-Probably coaching, motivational speaking, living in a van down by the river.

Steve Lenhart
-I would go to Zambia, to work with my buddies and their non profit.
-I would play soccer.

Robbie Rogers
-Go play overseas.
-Work at Jennie's ice cream in downtown Columbus.

Jason Garey
-Professional bass fisherman, I do not know if that is funny or serious.
-But, probably do some coaching or get into some real estate flipping.

Andy Iro
-Clothing Apparel, sportswear, I mean like the production and making of it, how it fits and all. (Project Runway here I come)
-I would do my own version of Punk'd. I would go around Columbus and try and punk different restaurant owners.

Danny O'rourke
-I want to play in the NFL.
-An unemployed hobo with a long beard.

Chad Marshall
-Professional couch layer-oner/facebook creeper.
-Seriously, I would probably just start taking classes.

Eric Bruener
-I would be a veterinarian, I like animals.
-Be a teacher or help out with OSU men's soccer, because I want to coach college maybe someday.

Emilio Renteria
-I would go home and play ball in Venezuela.
-I would be a night club dancer (wink wink).

Cory Elenio
-I would do some coaching back in Ann Arbor.


I’m surprised we don’t have any aspiring Ohio State football place kickers following that trailblazer Devin Barclay. Jed, have you seen the rents on those vans down by the river? They’re outrageous!

March 14, 2010 at 3:59 PM  

Glad your back Jed Blogner!

March 15, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

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