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The other day I posed my weekly question of the week, that started this week. The question was, "If you could be a superhero what would your power be and your name?" Well, this is one of my favorite questions to ponder as I would love to have a super power. You can see this with my in depth answer on that post. But, my wife made my wildest dream imaginable come true this past birthday. My birthday was in December and she surprised me with our friends coming over dressed up as a made- up superhero of their own. She gave me a present before everyone came over and the present was a very low budget (because I gave her a $15 limit), made by her, and made- up super hero outfit that fit me perfectly. She made armbands to be able to use some fun gadgets, and a sweet mask that held my true identity, and a skin tight suit so I would not be held back from running so fast. Oh yeah and she made this super aerodynamic cape that would flap in the wind as I ran fast and would make me look cool. (Embellishment placed on everything, haha)

Well, all my life I missed out on super fun parties because I was always playing soccer. Those parties would have fed my inner child that wanted a superhero party or a pirate party. I missed out on this stuff not only due to soccer, but due to a childhood of poverty. My mom was amazing in doing what she could do for us being a single mom raising 4 boys. But, we just did not have much and my mom tried with what she had.

Katie, my wife, being so amazing as she is, threw me a superhero party. It was one of my favorite birthday's ever. During the party we stood up and explained our name, what our powers were, and our outfits. Ha, makes me smile thinking about it. I know it is silly, but I am honest with who I am and I have always wanted a superhero party. Sweetie, you are the most amazing wifey, thank you for making my dreams come true for my birthday, haha. Also, for making my favorite birthday cake ever. It was a dark chocolate, 2 tiered, with peanut butter and chocolate glaze and peanut butter cream throughout the middle and top...I know just made your mind explode, ooh so good.

Below is my outfit with Maddie wearing a "Zayner, 24" jersey that was hand made. Also, my wife as my super fan, gotta love the Crew stuff, haha...We are the ZAYNERS and we fight crime everywhere and anywhere.


Jed I admire your honesty. wishing you a great season! you were AWESOME last year.

March 25, 2010 at 9:02 AM  

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