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Soccer and basketball, oh my...

So, I had the great honor of flipping from the MLS first kick game thursday night and Xavier versus Kansas State. What a game. I mean the basketball game by the way. Right when Philly received the red card it was pretty much over and the second half Seattle dominated. So, I watched Xavier sink trifecta after trifecta to keep the game going. It was an amazing game to watch as both teams were laying everything they had on the court. My wife went to Xavier and we were cheering for them, bummer they lost.

But, the first game was great. Great in that we brought another team into the league. Great that Seattle, as usual, packed their house to the brim. Great that Alejandro Moreno got some face time. Katie and I loved having Alejandro on the Crew. His wife is awesome, his kids are fun, and Alejandro is a great guy. It stinks he is not with us anymore, but it was cool to see him playing again. I look forward to going up against him one of these days. Man oh man was Philly young though. That is what happens when you have an expansion team. I am sure they will do well seeing that they have a good coach in Peter Nowak. Good teams take time to build sometimes. The more games you have with a core group of guys the better. You could just tell Seattle knew each other on the field. They are looking very good and it will be nice to visit them again in a few weeks.

Game day today though and that is exciting. Our boys are ready to play and I am sure so is Toronto. It is always a great game to open the league with. I am sure the Nordecke will be hopping. Any new signs? Any new chants? Looking forward to the game. Let's just hope there is not some random rain storm that turns into a downfall of snow. I mean what was that, seriously...blew me away. But, looking forward to seeing everyone there. Come on out everyone, with your Hooligan bandanas, your Turbina drums flaring, and the Nordecke singing us onto a great start to the season. Be there, have no fear, and bring on the cheer.


It was a great game today, cant wait until you are back on the field Jed!

March 27, 2010 at 11:59 PM  

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