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Maddie you can be so clever...

So, yesterday Maddie found a clever way to chew on her bone. She was sitting under my feet getting after it. Oh yeah, well she was not getting after the bone, she was getting after my feet. If I have not told you yet, then I will let you know on a seriously disgusting and soothing thing Maddie does. She loves to lick my feet and Katie's especially. I do not know why she chooses to adore my wife's feet more than mine, but I will go along with it. Maddie, at times, will just make a bee line to Katie's feet. Sometimes we just stick our feet out to draw Maddie in for a good foot lick, haha. This probably sounds so gross to you guys, but yes we do that. Sometimes when our feet are getting licked the other person will come in with their feet and steal Maddie's talent from the other. Ohhh yes you do that, Sweetie, ha...
But, maybe my feet do not stink or do stink more than my wife's. I am trying to figure it out. Or maybe because I have an inch of calluses from playing ball on the bottom of my feet and they are just all janked up. I am now realizing that is probably the reason. Sweetie, the win goes to you for the smoother and better feet to lick. I will give you that one.
But, Maddie you're a smart girl even if you do lick our feet all the time, well done in using Mama's shoe for leverage chewing your bone, clever dog...well sometimes. Remember, this can be risky because she can mistake the shoe for the bone. Do not try this at home.


Awe, Maddie is so cute! But the whole feet thing, I think all dog owners understand this portion of a dog's nature, because at one point or another, they all experience the same thing.

March 19, 2010 at 10:56 PM  

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