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Rain and Columbus drivers

Man, what the stupid, darn, gosh, jeeewillikers are you doing? Why are you stopping 100 yards from the red light? You do know you do not have to still get an "A" in driver's education, right?

I think this is a lot of people in Columbus, Ohio. If you think Columbus has some of the worst drivers please raise your hand up. If you are not raising your hand right are one of them, haha. Seriously, I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Now remember it is pronounced "El-eh-noy" not "Ill-eh-noise"...just had to clear that up. But, we are proactive drivers. The meaning of proactive-serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, anticipatory. Yes, preparing and watching other drivers and knowing that you are in control of your car in the rain and all other times. Every city has awful driver's. Shoot I am probably one of them in a number of them.

Now, not only is it bad when it rains, but even if it drizzles a tad you know you're in for a long ride home. Raise your hand yet? Well, it is you then we are waiting for when it rains, haha. If there is a light snowfall, like less than 1 inch, oh man you are in for a dismal drive home.

I am not only talking about weather changes, but just straight awful driving. Like what is up with the slow turns? You do not even signal that you're turning and when you turn you act like your foot is stuck to the brake. Now, I have repented many times for my mockery of others. I am not a typical road rager. I mock people, and yes, I do feel bad when I do it. For instance, if someone decides to honk at me because I take the initiative to drive past them because they are a slow merger- I simply honk back, but as a song- i.e. they honk "honk-honk"...I honk "honk-honk-it-di-honk-honk-honk" (those are half honks in there). Or if someone raises their hands at me like, "What the flip are you doing turning in front of me so fast?" I wave back at them with both hands raised and smile so big. Oh man it is hilarious, because they are trying to get you mad by honking, but when you mock them back they get so mad.

I do mock and I do not think it is right anymore. Actually to be honest it comes out sometimes and I have to catch myself. I figure it is better than swearing and throwing a fit, right? So, I stopped doing it. I also realized my license plate has "JC" in it(Jesus Christ" to be exact). What I really do not want is someone making a generalization of others based on my plate.

So, if you are the person honking it may mean you are the bad driver or if you are gettin honked at it may means...I think this means I may be the bad driver am...turning...into one of them.


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