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Every week I will pose a question that either makes you think, laugh, or straight up think I am weird. I love hearing people's answers to different things and subjects. Here you go:
----If you could be a superhero, what would be your power and name?----

1)Jed, I've given this some thought...I would have multiple arms/hands, each with equally great dexterity. And each would have its own region of the brain controlling it, and all of these brain regions could perform different calculations simultaneously. And my name would be....The Great Handini?***Winner for best answer***

2)I would be able to read minds. And with that I would be able to speak and understand all languages. And my super hero name would be... Mentalist Matt. Or I always think it would be cool to be able to recall anything you ever read. So I could read a book once and then remember EVERYTHING in the book.

3)I wanna be morph so I can change into anyone and use their powers!!

4)I will do a mulligan... My name would be BestMan and I would wear a suit that was black and I would stand for hours at weddings...

5)Mine is super speed and my name would be BigZayn. I would not wear a cape, but my suit skin tight. With super speed not only would I be super smart because I have to notice things quick, my body would be super strong as to withstand super speed.


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