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Nice win, here is my spin

So, I get to Crew Stadium and start my rehab yesterday. It was fun to see all the familiar faces in the stands that were already ready for our game. Then after rehab it was fun to go out to some of the tailgates and say hi to some people. Man, who says Crew fans do not know how to have a good time? Shoot, I know they do. Congrats Crew fans in helping to grow a larger community of people in supporting our cause to win trophies.

The game was enjoyable in the sense that we won 2-0 and started the season off with three points. A couple things I am loving about our team thus far; for one, you gotta love the D.O special. The one time a game where Danny O'rourke runs 90 yards down the field and somehow finds a way to make an opportunity for our team to score. Danny, you get my award for being opportunistic brutha. Another thing was seeing the Nordecke come out in full swing. You guys packed it over there and made your voices heard.I loved the new banners and signs everyone made by the way. It was a beautiful day and I loved having the season start up again. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Short blog post, because I want to watch more number ones...with me more number ones.


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