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(2/2/10)So, I woke up, opened my eyes, and went to the bathroom and took a pee. I had oatmeal for breakfast and that is the real breakfast of champions. Then we went to play soccer in the morning, let me tell you about soccer ball today.

It rained during practice, it rained a lot during practice, it rained very hard during practice. Wait are we talking about practice, are you guys trying to criticize me about practice. This is practice come on (Allen Iverson for those of you who do not know).
I had lunch, forget what i had for lunch.

But, the joy of today had to have been catching two, not one, but two bass, not small, but large mouth bass. I joy in this because my rod broke a day prior and I used my amazing skillz to jerry rig this pole into a thing of majestical beauty.

Then we had practice, again. The blue team was awesome, yes very awesome. 5 goals were scored on our field and we had 4 of the assists. Now, I know what your thinking, that is a lot of goals, well your thinking wrong, our team only scored one of those goals. Basically, we were adept at providing the other team with gifts on a silver platter...None were because of me (brushing my shoulders off right now).

We had dinner, I had lobster, then we came back and I read. For some reason I also found myself staring at the wall, I have no idea why and I do not have the foggiest idea of what I was thinking.

Then Jed and Adam were making some noise because they were mastering the art of online games.
So, I get up to see what all the racket was and Jed asks me, actually made me, conduct this fame glorious interview/blogolio.

I want to go to sleep now, bye world, and jed stinks at rock, paper, scissors.
Oh yeah and that is the perfect cast right there.


Best post ever!

February 3, 2010 at 10:18 AM  

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