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I have the distinct honor to live with Bruener, Chad, and Cory Elenio. The young single man apartment, depressing, yes.

Chad and I passed out pretty early last night. It has been more mellow than usual, because it is pretty crazy with us most of the time.
We both just lock ourselves in our room because Bruener just plays "Call of Duty" all the time. Apparently he is saving the world, well that is what he says, nice life Bruen's.

I am an outcast I feel like, because I do not play video games or play poker. I gave up on video games, because I started sniping people in my sleep and could not get on with life, thanks Halo.

On a different note, something interesting that I am doing is that I am growing my beard out for a year straight, keep me to it please. Right now I have the distinct ability to shake my head like a dog and completely wet a team mate with sweat. I know, it is awesome.

Chad and I have talked about getting a tattoo while we are down here. We saw a place, but I think they are trying to recycle and do things better for the environment. We decided it is not good to go to a place that recycles their needles, that is straight shady. Still have not tatted though, will spill the beans when we do.

Chad and I room together. I have always thought I was a one man wolfpack my whole entire life. But, then I met Chad, well Sigi forced us to become friends and my wolfpack grew by one. I was a one man pack, now I have a wolfpack of two. We have a similar sense of humor so we click. Our wolf pack is very strong and I hope for it to grow. (the Hangover)

Now, back to the day at hand, sorry. Breakfast is compiled of Special K, it is cinnamon flavored with pecans in it. I also grill up some turkey breast's and have coffee, always coffee. The turkey breasts are high in protein and I gotta get that protein in. (Tim the tool man Taylor grunt,ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh).

Training this morning, hmmm, honestly we were pretty tired, it is the seventh practice in a row. Personally, I am just excited to be back, because I had a scope in my knee after the season and have been rehabing ever since. So, it is just sweet to play. We played 11 v 11, very uneventful, 0-0. The coaches have been great to notice our sluggishness and have given us tomorrow afternoon and sunday off to recoup. Thanks boys.

During practice though Esteban (Steve) and I got into it. Well, I saw what Steve and Adam got into the other day (Blog post Day 4) and I decided to step it up a notch. Steve and I both are firey guys. To start, he is a big guy who is 3-4 inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier than me. When I mark him I have to be pretty physical. So I bulldozed him once, then he threw me on the ground and I tripped him. Then he gave me this eye gouge. It was seriously a pretty heated one. But, Steve looked at me a minute later and asked if I was okay and I asked him the same and we both gave each other a nice long hug, no kidding, but made up and got on with it. Those things happen, well a good amount with Steve and I. If you want to see a battle royale, come to our trainings. It can happen a fair amount while we play.

After lunch Bruener, Chad, and I went out and did the most masculine thing you could do, yep we went to Petland to look at puppies. I wanted to buy a cockapoo that was white with tan spots, oh man that one went straight to my heart and melted it. Ha, so masculine, but I ain't ashamed to say I love to do that. Say something, go ahead, I eat turkey breast for breakfast, uh huh.

Then I went to Starbucks with Frankie and Duncan and chilled there playing crosswords, talking about some new fitness workouts, and taking about 3 espresso shots; that will wake you up. ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

Then dinner as a team. Now, I am chillin' in Jed's room hanging with Moffat and Esteban. We are blogging it up and then I plan to whoop some booty in "Settler's of Catan".
Still alive...and thankful.
This is Jed, I will tell you more this afternoon about Sergio Herrera. After scrimmaging the U-17 national team.


Can't wait to hear more about Sergio Herrera!

February 6, 2010 at 12:27 PM  

Digging the blog posts. Keep it coming. Looking forward to March.

February 6, 2010 at 12:28 PM  

Who has sheep for my wood? (Who won at Settlers of Catan?)

February 7, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

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