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What up you all? I hope all is well with everyone. It has been really funny lately because you, the fans, are creating some real buzz about this blog we have been doing. So, the guys are talking about it at training and we have a sweet line-up for next week on the blog. Today, I already blogged about our soccer game, but we just chilled, slept, and well some guys relaxed in ways I know you can only think of...haha.
But, we will have Duncan, Chad, Iro, Frankie, and Guille just to name a few for next week. On this blog post I will answer some questions that I received on the comment board and also post a highlight video of our, Filleo's, clinic day in New Orleans. It is only 2:30 minutes with some music. Filleo's website is a work in progress as we are putting out a new one soon.

But, hey I love hearing from you guys and if you know me like I think you know me I will take your comments, thoughts, and opinions to heart. Everyone is important and I want you all to feel like you have a voice.

-Justin-Thank you so much for your designs and support to the Crew. Frankie, Lenhart, and the pirate (Gino) have all been very pleased with the designs. They love them and I love them, thank you for your time. We would love to make a deal with you to donate a percentage of the profit to Filleo and maybe even make some Filleo/Crew specific gear. One Love. One Cause. One Team. One Crew.

-eboe-Appreciate the support. Senor Moffat had an amazing time at his wedding, especially with his new brother-in-law (Steve).

-Mike-I love triumph, especially his skit with the Star Wars convention. Oh man hilarious, check it out on youtube, y'all.

-Patrick-Iro is in camp, he just strained his back during the beep test last week. Apparently, since the Celtics player Glen Davis has decided to give up his nickname, Iro wants to take it on now. Ha only kidding, he is working super hard and is looking great. Iro is a good friend of mine. Also, we have not done anything yet to the new guys, but we will when we officially sign them. When we get done with pre-season is when we start the initiations. Right now we just leave it to standing up in front of the whole team after dinner and telling us about yourself, including letting us know if they have any eligible sisters, and making them dance; good times.

-The joke with misspelling Bruener. haha, the funny part is, there is not a joke, but that would be funny if there was. The guys hassle him a pretty good amount. They only do it because they love him so much and he is still a rookie and a youngin', great player for our team by the way.

-A Jam C-What the crud does monetizing a blog mean? Oh wait I found it thanks, will do. And yes we could have a guest Fan blog once and a while. I will definitely think about that and will want to do that probably. Thanks for the Zayner jersey shout out friend...holla that.

-Last, but not least, David-I will plan on doing a contest for a game worn jersey including or not including with my non profit, Filleo. I will have some of the other guys on the team do a contest for their jersey also. I will come up with some as will you guys I hope and put them together before the season starts. I will talk to Duncan, Frankie, and the guys about the rock as a tradition and will try to get it more involved. I am proposing after warm-ups we do some kind of chant together, like Drew Brees does with his team. I will try and come up with something with the other guys. But, about a prayer with y'all. I like it, but we do one with a bunch of the guys inside the tunnel. Let me think more on that, but for right now it probably will not happen.

Peace and love to everyone, see you tomorrow.


The blog is awesome! You guys are hilarious and it's cool that you have others doing it to. It is fun to hear from you guys. Danny O'rourkes thing from the hangover was the best!! So funny :)

February 7, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

Come on Jed, don't call me A JAM C! You know me! You showed me your superman outfit!

February 7, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

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