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First of all we did not go to bed until 2 am.
Then, I woke up and the first thing Steve said to me was, "Dude, I had a dream with you and Lapper (assistant coach) playing 22 (card game)"
Robbie:uhh that's weird

But, all in all slept well.

I ate cereal and of course a glass of chocolate milk, then had my vitamins and off to training.
Training was actually good, at the beginning we got some fitness, and I did not think it was too bad. Then we moved onto actually kicking a soccer ball and I hoped to do some scoring, ya know, that's what I do. But, we did this possession game instead.

Steve: I cussed twice and it was at my brother-in-law both times (Adam Moffat)
Robbie: Sorry, I mean, I just wanted to play goal to goal; but you got to trust the coaches with pickin' the drills."

So, lunch was the best part. We had Guille, Emilio, and Gino over for lunch. We cooked chipotle barbecue chicken, brussel sprouts (with garlic and bacon), pizza, and you know what we top things off with in 1617, yep that is right, chocolate milk.
Then we chilled for lunch on the couches, chatting. We were just happy to please these foreigners because these dudes are super picky.

Guille: Caprichoso (spoiled boy)
Robbie: Ha, I know that's what you are, yep you got that right.

I took a little nap on the couch and somehow woke up for our afternoon lift. Which was not too bad. I am just happy soccer day four is done.

Onto dinner with Esteban (Steve's spanish name). Well, Steve and I were the only gringos with those latino dudes. Those dudes were: Emilio, Sergio (our new signed player from Columbia, he is a forward, more about him to come days following), Guille, and Gino. We went to "Stonewood Grill". It was a pretty good meal, great quesadillas, and great convos. Well, if you like to keep to yourself, because spanish was the only language being spoken, haters (I am the only who cannot speak it).

Then we went to Coldstone and Gino was the only one to get ice cream, typical Gino. Esteban tried to order in spanish, which was funny, because the lady at the register could not understand him and she said his spanish is just bad.

Robbie: Steve prides himself in his spanish ways, with how fluent he is and all.
Steve: In reality I was trying to teach you spanish last night. So, do not diss your master.

Now, we are sitting here playing Sequence again for the sixth night in a row and we will probably play till one or two in the morning again for the sixth night in a row. Maybe I will have my luck turn and actually win a game, I have not won for the past 10 games.

Steve: Hey come on, do not be so hard on yourself, it is more like 21, haha...

Oh yeah, Guille trys to play footsy with us while we are beating him in sequence.

Robbie: Why you stealin the chips Guille?
Guille: No, no I steal chips, I am relax.
Robbie: Look at this guys jacket he keeps so much stuff in here, do you have the chips in here Guille?
Steve: Guille why you always lookin at MLSnet?
Robbie: He is trying to see how much we all make.
Guille: What!!!!!


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