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I woke up this morning very excited because this beautiful state is my birthplace.
I kept it simple with a banana.
Robbie Rogers: That's all you ate?
Steve: Yeah, because Bobbie (our coach) told me I was fat yesterday.

I knew it was gonna be a good day because I have God on my side, it is cheesy, but true.

First off, we have the dream team bus, an all-star line-up. It is good when we drive to practice because of the people we have in the bus. First, we have Gino Padula, wait why is he on our bus, no kidding.
Next, we have Guille, and well he bought all of mine and Robbie's meals in Argentina so that qualifies him.
The Eddie Gaven, because he does not say anything or cause trouble, but when he does it is hilarious. Not only does Eddie very kindly slap stuff out of people's hands and laugh hysterically. He also puts one dollar bills on his fishing lure and baits people into grabbing it while he constantly pulls it away like an ever increasing wind, nice one Ed.
Move onto Robbie Rogers, because we have gone through a gallon of chocolate milk a day and it was his idea.
Then Jed Zayner is on the bus, well because he is room mates with everyone else on the bus and we felt bad leaving him out. Still kidding, or am I. No I am, haha.
So, Adam Moffat, hmmm, it is better to have guys that try and break other guys' legs ride on your bus then on another, and shoot we have the rest of the foreigners on our bus so why not.
Emilio and Kenny, last but not least, because they are the only ones on the team who try and speak portuguese to each other. Why? No one knows, Emilio speaks spanish and Kenny English.

Now for the morning practice which was good, we did some solid fitness. Running up and down the field 6 times in 3 minutes with hurdles, ladders, back peddling, and a russian sreamin' at you, is not the funnest. Then played four games lasting six minutes each, 7 on 7. Whooaa, nope we were not tired at all.

Did simple things in the afternoon with our legs being so tired and all.
Moved onto the second practice where we worked on finishing and then after we went and picked up our other half gallon of chocolate milk.

I think the highlight of dinner was not the food or tonight, even though the food was good. I am still relishing in our after dinner "jerk off" from last night. Yes, I did say jerk off. It is a style of dance, come on what were you really thinking, gosh. Myself and another guy on our team jerked it together, again the dance, the actually dance that is called "the jerk", youtube it, there. Anyways it was a blast. I am doing the jerk in a pic below, check it out.

Kay, now I am ending the night with multiple games of sequence with Robbie. The all-time series is at me with 9, Guille with 7, and Robbie, well, he is our obstacle standing strong with one.

Last note and I bid you farewell with this: I am gonna live tomorrow like I lived today, and I am not gonna let anyone take away my fun.


Lol, this is great.

February 6, 2010 at 3:51 PM  

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