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Clean and Clear

Well, I recently found out people think my blog or the way I write may sound vulgar. Sorry to hear that. I do not use any swear words, never any crude jokes, and I thought I was clean. But, I can see talking about the bathroom stuff a couple times and watching people throw up is well not necessary and gross to some, probably gross to a lot of people. I will watch everything that I write so it is safe and sound form now on. I will picture my grandma and grandpa reading it or watching it and listening to what they think about it and slapping me over the head if something is not necessary. Again, sorry to hear that and sorry that I was not conscious of it. Give me a little break here, being the youngest of 4 bro's things are pretty open.

But, looking forward to training and working out with the team next week to prepare for our first game. The boys did well in Mexico. For being 9,000 feet above sea level and one goal away from moving on, that is awesome. Especially coming out of pre-season. I am excited to see more goals as I am sure Crew fans are also. Four goals in two games is a great number thus far. As a defender I feel like a fan on the field sometimes, because most of the time I am not apart of the goal that we score. So, sometimes I find myself saying, "That was sick, sweet shot, or whoooaaaa..". I comment on the goals to myself as a fan would. It is pretty funny.

I am looking forward to our game against TFC and what we will do against them. I look forward to seeing our fans go crazy and support us also. Every year something happens with the TFC fans that is a crazy story. Just hope no one gets hurt. Well, as long as nobody tears out the bleachers to our stadium and throws them on the field (this is what TFC fans did last year to some of our bleachers)...haha...just kidding.

Maddie, my dog, is trying to put her stuffed armadillo toy on my feet and looking up at me to play. Well, I guess that means it is time for me to go. Until next time...


Really??? I didn't think there was anything wrong w/ any of the posts at all?! I s'pose I can see some not wanting you to let out Crew "secrets" on here - but beyond that it's fair game! Is your blog something more than your personal opinion; like a Crew mouthpiece? I don't think so? Should people ask you to censor what you say b/c they don't like the word "poop"? No. What will end up happening, is you/your blog will become so censored, and watered down that it will be less and less of what you really think, and want to type - and we'll know.

I think what people like about the blog is it gives us a candid window into places that we didn't have before (like in the posts while you were in Florida). I was laughing my a$$ off reading some of those.

What happened to the post: "...if you do not like my grammar and punctuation then...well...then...well fine you will have to deal with it and I will just pout for a second."

If people don't like some of the things said, they can always close your blog and not read it again - problem solved. You keep doing what your doing. :-)

Go Crew!

March 20, 2010 at 8:55 AM  

I agree with that opinion too. Don't get me wrong its ok to have serious entries too, But sometimes the light hearted side is great too. I really enjoy getting to read the insight you have on various things. Maybe even some more info on Filleo for some of those who don't know as much about it or want updates on it periodically. I would understand if some of the complaints are from your business side with Filleo...

But keep up the good work and glad to hear the CBA is resolved!

March 20, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

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