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And then there was more

We just put up more merch on the auction. We put up personally signed jersey's of: Steve Lenhart, Adam Moffat, Eddie Gaven, and Will Hesmer. Now, how many of you out there have a personally signed Will Hesmer jersey? I know I do not. Also, remember those guys have matching shorts out there on the auction that are signed.

We also put up a team signed scarf and a old school Columbus Crew roster poster, from 2004. It has Brian Mcbride's, Brian Maisonneave, Edson buddle, and our coach and then player Robert Warzycha's signatures.

Thank you all so much for your support. I am so excited with how well this is going. Next year I already have the works in to get a Jim Tressel signed ball and other OSU players merch. Also, other guys in the league's jerseys that will be signed.

Check out the auction here: Mission Fish


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