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Filleo Update

We are moving along. I have some great things to announce for Filleo., thanks to We are coming out with a whole new and redesigned website for the summer. We should have a homepage up around a week or two. On our website we will have stories of our past projects, a live news feed to stay up to date with Filleo, also what we do.

We have a couple trips coming up. We are having one big project in downtown Columbus the second or third week of August. Then January 7-13, 2011 we are traveling to Monterrey, Mexico for a week long project. We are so excited for both. We are extra excited for Mexico as it will be our first trip out of country. We are filling up spots quick, but if you want to come just email us at Each person coming will be given all information and send out support letters to raise the money to go. Also, you will receive a fan page of your own on where you can raise support very easily. is a non profit website for social networking. Join us at the link on the top of the blog and help build our community. As a partner in our community you are able to create your own fan page and raise money for Filleo and help raise awareness. Also, as I said you can raise money for the trips we go on.

We are still accepting a couple more volunteers/interns for this summer of 2010. If you are willing to join the fun email us and we will get the final approval.

Lastly, we will be holding a car washathon this summer to raise awareness and raise money for kiddies. We will have fellow Crew player's helping out and many other volunteers. I will keep everyone up to date for when we will do this. Again email us if you want to help out.

Well, we love you guys and look forward to seeing more of the Filleo community. One Cause. One Love.


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