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Uggggghhhh Maddie's World

Dude, this dog will make me go crazy one day. One question and please someone help me. Why do dogs do that sniff the ground thing and then roll all around in that smell?

So, I was outside enjoying the nice day playing fetch with Maddie today. I was talking to one of my good buddies that I played college ball with. I was giving Maddie the sweet privilege to enjoy nature and run around as freely as she wanted. She is a great dog in listening and not needing a leash. But, I turned my back one sec and there she was sniffing a little dead grass pile. I told Maddie to get her butt over to me, but she was not listening. I knew that she wanted to rub her whole body in something. She sniffs one more time and hits the deck rolling all around in the dead grass pile. I yelled at her stop and after two rolls the damage was done. She had brown all over here. I looked and she was rolling in poop. The smell almost made me throw up.

Now, here is the question, what the flip is going on in a dog's mind when they decide to roll in poop, I mean come on? I will give it a try.

Maddie: oh my gosh, what is that amazing smell? oh my gosh is that another dog's poop. Ohhhhhh that dog's poop smells so good. It must be Brad Pitt bull. I mean I have to have this smell, I adore Brad Pitt bull. I am gonna roll all in it so I can smell like his poop all day and everyday.

Ha, I seriously wonder what the dog's are thinking. I actually wonder this a lot. Whenever Maddie turns her head to the side and stares at you or she slaps her paws on the ground ready to play I wonder what she is saying in her head. It makes me laugh.

Getting back to the story. So, I do not touch Maddie. Thankfully she did not get it on her paws. I coerce her upstairs and next to the bath tub very smoothly. She realizes what is going to happen so I grab her and put her in the tub. I tell her to stay and she does; great dog. For the next 20 minutes I am rubbing the poo out of her curly poodle coat. The best part is when she got all wet, so she had wet poo coat and shook it all over the shower and me. Ugggggghhhhhh.

I am done drying her off and now she is running around the house as if the dogs won some amazing victory over all the cats in the world...I can breathe now. Those with dogs you know what I mean. Those without go and see the movie "How to train your dragon" awesome movie by the way.


Been there... done that!

April 11, 2010 at 6:54 PM  

One theory on the "scent rolling" of dogs is that it is a hunting instinct to mask their own scent from their prey.

Another theory on the "scent rolling" is that it is a form of communication, to share the discovery with the pack, either of some dead thing that others could track back and feed off of, or with the "rolling in the poo" to share the discovery of "invaders" into the pack's area and let the pack know what to be on the lookout for.

April 11, 2010 at 9:48 PM  

my dog recently rolled on a dead snake...i dont get it either

April 12, 2010 at 10:13 AM  

parker enjoys this scent rolling as well. crazy pups

April 12, 2010 at 6:14 PM  

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