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Auction Update

So, we are starting the auction next week. We will be holding it on Ebay's non profit auction site called "Mission Fish". This is so fun, haha. I am getting so excited because more and more things are happening with Filleo. This online auction will be held each year and hopefully we will have bigger and better items. For this year we will be having a jersey of mine signed by the whole team, a personally signed jersey of mine, training kit signed by whole team, player's game worn shorts and signed by them, and many more.

We hope to see you all there. All money will go to children in need. Yes, that is 100% will go to children in need. The cool part about it also is that we are holding a Filleo Project in August in Columbus, Ohio and the money from this will partly go towards those kids.

On another note I am chilling here in Columbus. The team flew out to Dallas today and they play tomorrow. Looking forward to our first 2-0 start ever. I just finished season 8 of one of my favorite shows "Smallville". If you think about how much I love talking about super powers and super humans you could get a clue at how much I love Smallville. I mean some people say I look like Clark Kent. Well, to be honest I think I just may say it; hoping that I do.

Maddie is sleeping next to me. This week I am going to endeavour in buzzing Maddie's fur. I picked up a hair clipper yesterday and I am going to try it. I think paying $50 on a haircut for an animal is way too much money. I may not do it that well, but I will do it good enough. If any of you want a cheap haircut for your pups, let me know. We will see how I do with Maddie in a week. Yes, I will put up pics. It may just be one big travesty. Talk to ya soon.


When will you have a list of what you have for auction? I was wondering is there a chance that a Signed Crew Fathead or a Guillermo signed one? I would love one or both.

April 16, 2010 at 9:27 AM  

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