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So, as usual I am writing again about Maddie. I love my dog and think animals are so interesting. I think so much about what they are thinking and why they do the things they do. That is why I love those animation movies like "Up", "How to Train Your Dragon", and many others that portray dogs and what they think and do.

On that note, Maddie recently decided her paw was aggravating her and wanted to put it in it's place. She decided to fight her paws and teach them who the boss is, check it out...

And thank you for those consoling words that my dog is not the only one who rolls in crazy stuff, especially dead snakes (now that is funky and nasty). All of us dog owners now can commiserate with each other. Also, thank you for who ever said that it may be a hunting instinct thing. Makes it that much more funny actually. haha

Question of the Week: What one food would you eat for an entire year on an island if you could choose?
Mine: Avocado, great fatty ingredients and nutrients and it tastes awesome.


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