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Thanks for the help

Thank you to everyone for the help with Filleo. Very soon, like a week or so, we are doing an online fundraiser. We will be signed jerseys from a bunch of the guys on the Columbus Crew up on e-bay. We will have signed posters also. I need your help to spread the word when I post next week when they are up. The more money we raise, the more money for children in need. Again through us 98% of ALL money coming in will go to children in need. No one on our staff gets paid and we do not have any monthly bills. The other 2% will go towards posters, packaging, postards, etc...

Secondly, I want to thank our newest member of the Filleo team, Greg. We appreciate your support with Filleo. Greg took his shirt to Belize on a recent trip. Greg has been working very hard to help Filleo in his free time. When we either have interns or volunteers we send welcome packages to them. Greg thank you so much for your effort and help.

If you have purchased Filleo shirts in the past send us a picture of you in it. Take the picture in a cool place and we will put it up on the blog no matter if you are an intern/volunteer or not.


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