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Maddie's World: battle on

My girl Maddie loves to play so much. When we go to Cinncy to visit family she loves to hang out with our my brother-in-law's dog, Tank. This Yorkie is a character of a dog. Not only does he have huge separation anxiety problems, but when he plays with other dogs he growls like a car engine. I finally videotaped these two playing. The best part is that they are tug-o-warring. Maddie has a big booty so she usually sits back and Tank has to pull her body weight. We call Maddie "Big Booty Judy"...haha. But, it is so funny to see Maddies give up the toy and then not know what to do. She looks at me if it is okay to get after it again and she boxes her way in. She does this left hook when she plays with other dogs that is so fun. So, not only is Maddie a loving, sweet, and loves to play dog, but she is a boxer. Check it out...turn your volume up a little, it is great.


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