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"Trials become a university where we learn early on where to best place our physical, intellectual and spiritual resources."
-Barry C. Black, Chaplain of the United States Senate and former Rear Admiral Chaplain for the Navy, Marines, and Coast.

I love this quote. It is simple, but there is so much to it. Imagine being a chaplain for men who had the potential of dying. What do you tell them that would be encouraging but still relevant to their lives?

I feel the same goes for coaches in a way. You have to balance what to say to your player's that not only motivates and encourages them, but is relevant to what they are going through.

There are things we Must learn through experience. If we constantly tell our player's the answer, then there are certain things that will not stick with them. Also, they will rely on people and coaches to give them the answers all the time. Good coaches know the right coaching moments.

Use trials to encourage growth in your players. They must realize that each trial/problem they come in contact with is a chance to learn. The great part about being a coach, is that a lesson like this will help that player for the rest of their lives. Do not see yourself as just a coach that needs results in a game. Realize that as a coach you are able to and obligated to help teach and grow a person. You can be a catalyst to not only make them a better player, but to build up their character. See yourself as the professor in the university of trials. Not only will your player's be tested on the field, but they will be tested in real life. Take pride when your player's pass tests in games, but take more pride when they make the right decisions off the field and pass those tests.

I encourage coaches to right things down during a game. Then at halftime to go over the points with the assistant coaches. The players not only get a chance to get a breath but you also can take a breath. You can gather your words and the important topics that need to be said and then present them. Another reason this idea works is that it helps to filter out the things that do not need to be said. Sometimes there can be too much information and the player's will not remember it or they will start to zone out.

Encourage growth, but do not let them focus on mistakes too long. Where battles are lost in the mind is when a player thinks about mistakes too long. Help train your player's to learn that lesson and move on and think about what is next.

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June 8, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

I really enjoyed reading this from a player's perspective.

February 27, 2012 at 12:43 PM  

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